“What’s up, everybody? Tomas here. Get ready for a fucknado of information bombs!”

I am an all-around nerd, enjoying the simple comforts and essentials of life: lounging, video games, and other forms of entertainment. I’m a corn-fed Iowa dude who isn’t super fond of corn (I mean, it’s ALRIGHT). I initially started this website as a means of getting my feet wet in the world of blogging in my downtime. From there, things sort of evolved into what they are now.

I’m the founder of Couch Potato Brothers, and I designed this website, and all of our branding and imagery. As a graphic designer by day, I’ve got the means and know how to make sure everything doesn’t look like hot garbage.

Founder/Video Personality/Eye Candy/Video Editor/Writer/Social Manager/ETC….Virtually everything that CAN be done with CPB, I have my pudgy hands involved with it in some way, shape or form.

Playing games (video or otherwise), watching movies & TV, reading and bitching about all of the above. I also am fond of music, and play drums casually. I also dabble in illustration. If you want to see just a smidge of my art, shoot me an email  at

I’ve been hit by 3 separate automobiles throughout my life, and have nearly drowned 3 separate times, as well. The universe keeps attempting to destroy me, so I’ll use the age old phrase coined by the one MC Hammer himself…can’t touch this…sorry. (Please don’t kill me, Universe…)