fallout 4 mystery DLC annnouncement

More Fallout 4 News: $30 Mystery DLC Announcement

Yesterday on Bethesda Softworks’ website, they announced a couple of things about Fallout 4 that will happen post-launch. After expressing their excitement for the game to be nearly finished (TWO MONTHS away, to the day), they decided to keep us informed on what we can expect from Fallout 4 in the realm of future content.

Hardcore Bethesda fans will be able to purchase a Season Pass for Fallout 4 for $30, which will cover all subsequent DLC for the game. Meaning, if they only make one expansion, you will have paid thirty dollars for just that one expansion. I’d like to think we all know Bethesda better than that, though. Bethesda has long held a pedigree for outstanding DLC after the fact, offering us hours upon hours of rich and exciting new gameplay. While they’ve slimmed down on some of the DLC offering in recent years, there was still plenty to sink your teeth into (vampires, anyone?) with the Dawnguard and Dragonborn expansions.

The curious thing is that Bethesda doesn’t know yet what this future DLC will be. Explaining that they’re still hard at work finishing the main game, they mentioned that what future DLC there could be is still pretty much up in the air, but given their past offerings with DLC, that we can at least expect what we get to be worth $40 or more.

Admittedly, it seems strange to announce something that you haven’t even planned to exist for sure, but this preemptive announcement is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is sort of sad we live at a time in the games industry where you have to expect to pay more to get the full experience of your favorite games. On the other, Bethesda not knowing yet what their future DLC will be yet speaks volumes to the content they’ve already squeezed into Fallout 4. This is different from the Arkham Knight season pass, as it isn’t day one fluff that easily could’ve been included in the vanilla game. From the looks of things, Bethesda has made a point to give us a full, and amazing experience right out of the gate — an admirable feat in this money-hungry state we find ourselves in lately.

I would gladly pay thirty dollars for all potential future content for Fallout 4. I paid fifty percent more than that just on Skyrim’s, and I thought that was plenty worth it. Ninety dollars seems like a trifling amount compared to the amount of time I’m going to spend immersed in the Massachusetts Wasteland.

Aside from the price tag, Bethesda mentioned that we can expect the first DLC for the game should be arriving early 2016, so we won’t have to wait too long to see what they manage to cook up for us.

To bide your time, PC players will have access to the Fallout 4 Creation Kit, which will allow creative folk out there to create interesting mods for gamers from every platform. I’m still trying to wrap my mind about just how PC mods being played on a console will work, but it’s pretty exciting. Modders will have access to this content at the beginning of the year.

As far as continued support, Bethesda promised to constantly keep the game up to date — offering regular patches to fix bugs, add in new features, and keep things working fresh under the hood. They did similar things in the past, like adding slow-mo kill cams to ranged and magic attacks in Skyrim, so it’s good to know we can expect the same attention to fan feedback that Bethesda is known for.

What are your thoughts on the season pass? Do you think it will be worth half the price of your game? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “More Fallout 4 News: $30 Mystery DLC Announcement

  1. If it is even the same amount of content and quality of the previous Fallout DLC packs (3 and New Vegas), it would be worth it just on principle. I am absolutely getting the Season Pass. Sad it doesn’t come with the Pipboy Edition I’m getting, but, that’s just because I’m selfish (especially because I thought it would cost at least $150). I’d gladly pay $150 just to have it already included out of the box.

    You won’t find me out there on the Internet wasteland bitching and moaning about DLC. I am all for it, because in the end, we aren’t obligated to buy it, so you can really bitch and moan about extra stuff, on the value of it (looking at you, Batman…), and Bethesda has yet to screw us with Fallout.

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    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I’m pretty jealous that you got your hands on that Pip-Boy Edition. I may have to get the Fallout Anthology in the Mini-Nuke to feel better about myself. Haha


      1. Since I can’t type properly, I meant you can’t really bitch and moan about extra content, only the price vs. value of it, so I hope you understood that lol.

        I want the Anthology, but I own every game, and more importantly, don’t have $50… lol

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