The Hateful Eight Trailer Analysis

The Hateful Eight: Trailer Analysis

Yesterday, The Weinstein Company released our first hefty look at Quentin Tarantino’s highly anticipated eighth film. Aptly titled The Hateful Eight, the interconnections surrounding this film are seemingly numerous. It feels like more than chance that Tarantino’s eighth offering literally has eight in the name, or that the film releases on Christmas while the film takes place in winter. If you haven’t seen this “teaser” trailer yet, check it out below.

I’d like to first start by saying that I never read the now infamous script leak that almost prevented this movie from being made, so I’m looking at this with completely fresh, untainted eyes. As with my earlier nod to the title and the snowy weather, the trailer seems to encourage you to look close to find references (intentional or otherwise). Slap Kurt Russell in a secluded snowy place, where the cast is trying to discern which among them isn’t who they say they are, and you can’t help but get a weird sense of deja vu. A very similar scenario happened with Russell 30 years ago in John Carpenter’s The Thing. Not saying that we can expect a parasitic alien monster to be central to the plot, but it’s hard to ignore that connection.

The film utilizes a western setting, yet feels surprisingly not like a western. Strangely enough the film looks equal parts Reservoir Dogs, Clue, and even 12 Angry Men (which…AWESOME). Eight individuals of clearly different backgrounds, forced into seclusion during a winter storm? It’s a western-themed whodunit mystery movie. I’m immediately sold.

Reservoir Dogs may not be my favorite Tarantino film (it’s so damn hard to choose), but you can’t argue that the movie just plain works. Not many movies can maintain their appeal when barely changing locations over the course of their duration. Those three movies I mentioned before all have this in common. The reason I love Reservoir Dogs so much is because it isn’t about where they are. It’s a total character study, and shows how people react when they’re backed into a corner with nobody to trust.

My favorite scenes from these movies, and any Tarantino movie for that matter, are the long and intense conversations between the characters. My favorite scene out of both the Kill Bill movies is when Beatrix and Bill are both discussing their troubled past in their living room. Inglorious Basterds is a top contender for my favorite Tarantino film because the movie was FULL of those types of scenes. You know a writer is exceedingly talented when they don’t have to fill every frame of a movie with action to keep things interesting.

There is something about mysteries that I love. Just knowing that there is a person in the room with a hidden agenda, and trying to figure out who it is for yourself before the big reveal. That’s exciting! If done well, you may just end up being surprised. Of all the film makers to try this, I think Quentin Tarantino will do a fantastic job. Not saying that this necessarily is a murder mystery or anything. I just think he could do the genre justice.

Besides all of that, the movie looks awesome. Kurt Russell’s John “The Hangman” Ruth looks like he could apply for being a doom rider and get the job with that mammoth mustache. Some Tarantino veterans return, including Michael Madsen and Tim Roth (as well as Samuel L. Jackson). It looks like it is going to be thoroughly entertaining. You gotta love those super wide angle shots that he’s getting from that 70mm lens. It’s good to see he’s using that resource in practical ways, and I can’t wait to see more.

Between this and Star Wars, I’m going to have a really busy December. The Hateful Eight hits theaters this Christmas.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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