Deadpool Movie Trailer

Deadpool: Trailer Analysis

Well, it’s finally here in glorious HD. After teasing the trailer with a pre-trailer trailer yesterday, 20th Century Fox dropped this little nugget onto the internet this morning. Judging by its near 4 million views so far, I’d say it’s been pretty popular on YouTube.

Watch the Deadpool trailer below:

If you’ve seen the leaks from San Diego Comic Con, then you won’t see anything really new here. It’s pretty much the same exact thing, only higher quality. I saw it back then and loved it — now I still do.

You can’t take Deadpool seriously. The great thing about his character is how self-aware he is. I was actually surprised that they are going to reference his past at all, and that they were staying relatively close to the comics origin for it.

I’ve been lamenting Xmen Origins: Wolverine ever since it came out. That movie was a cancerous tumor on Fox’s already declining superhero films. Yes, they would receive future success with later X-Men titles, but Origins was definitely the dark low point of the entire Marvel Entertainment franchise.

Much of that was due to how they destroyed the Deadpool character. When I first heard Ryan Reynolds was going to portray Deadpool in a live-action movie, I thought it made perfect sense. Ryan Reynolds had the perfect personality to pull off the merc with the mouth. He just didn’t get the right movie. The movie was so bad, that Deadpool made fun of it himself in his own teaser trailer.

That’s all in the past. Deadpool is back in good form, headshotting baddies, eating chimichangas, and breaking the fourth wall until our hearts implode.

I do have one small question, though. Is this a different continuity from the X-Men franchise? Obviously, there are mutants in the movie. Some of the main characters are mutants. Colossus himself shows up to bring the smack down on Deadpool. What’s strange is that Colossus is played by a different actor for the first time since his first appearance in X2: Xmen United. Daniel Cudmore has played him in every movie up until this point. Now, he has all of a sudden been switched out for Andre Tricoteux, an even lesser known, even bigger actor set to also star in the Warcraft movie. I have to wonder if Cudmore was somehow busy with another project, or if this is a non-canon Colossus. It’s likely that they just wanted an even bulkier guy to make him seem more imposing, it’s just weird that they would change him now after being in 3 movies already.

Other than that, the movie looks awesome. I don’t think it’s going to win any awards or anything, but if there has ever been a fun popcorn movie, this has to be it. My personal favorite gag in the trailer is when Wade Wilson pokes fun at the Green Lantern movie. Gotta love it!

It’s a crazy testament to fan demand. It proves that when people unite with a single voice, that they can actually make things happened. The world wanted Deadpool in their lives in movie form, and due to fan demand, it is actually going to happen. I never thought it would actually happen. Deadpool is arguably too zany and out there to handle a coherent 90 minute film. If anything, I’ll go just to see what the hell they’re going to do with it.

Deadpool releases in theaters February, 2016.

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