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So you’re dating a gamer (Part 4): An Alternative to TV

Hi again!

So, previously I discussed how I became more comfortable with finding hobbies to enjoy on my own. Having my own hobbies made me appreciate that he has his even more. Eventually I ended up observing Tomas’ gameplay sessions, and found some of them actually pretty interesting! I’m going to touch on this, so gear up and try not to hate me for my opinions (that can literally be based off of, “I liked the little sounds the character makes. It’s so cute”)!

Here’s sort of how it began…I love many things; one of these things includes movies. Movies are my ultimate escape from reality. It’s not uncommon for me to cry at any Pixar movie (no shame). I really lose myself in a good movie and it’s one of my favorite getaways!

My fiancé and I once had a conversation about video games vs. movies. Now that you know my affinity for movies, you can feel a bit of perspective in the following statements and how I may have taken them.

He stated that he felt that video games are essentially interactive movies so they are, in turn, better than movies. I, of course, died a little and thought, “NEVER. YOU CRAZY CRAZY MAN.”

I entirely disagreed with all of my being for quite a while. I still have a very strong affinity for movies and nothing really beats a great movie to me. But I’ve also found that there are some games that are, as Tomas said; interactive movies. I feel the same emotions as I do in movies and I feel invested in the stories. The difference is that I get to make my own decisions! But I’ll touch more on gameplay and what games sort of channel into this love of mine a bit later, as I can’t discuss my play until I discuss my journey prior to the play!

Basically. I’d come home from school or work and we’d have the weekend or nights to do whatever. I’d wake up, Tomas would be gaming, and I’d come out to cuddle him during games (as I mentioned in the previous blog).

I, again, was entirely uninterested but eventually started hearing sounds that drew me in a little and piqued my interest. So eventually I looked up and thus, began watching some of the games he played.

A common weekend at this time was cuddling up to Tomas as he sharpened his weapons in Skyrim (which, I SWEAR is all he did because it’s about all I remember from that game). It was SO boring to watch this, so I’d distract myself via internet or editing pictures, the works. So this definitely was not a great time for me.

However, we would maintain this whole me cuddling up to him/him gaming system and I’d half-watch his play and here’s a few other games I’ve seen in the process:

What I didn’t care to watch

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
— I don’t know what it was (perhaps the whole weapon-sharpening thing being the only piece of the game I remember), but it wasn’t particularly interesting for me to watch. Sure, there were interesting things going on with the chants and spells, as well as the characters, and thus stories that people can create. I also, of course, noticed how amazing the game was visually.

mass effect 3 shepard
Mass Effect
 — This was another game where I would look over and Tomas would be doing the same thing again and again; looking at the planet thing with the circles and searching for whatever the hell it was I don’t even know or remember. It was painfully boring to watch that, and then he would interact with the other characters and there was a whole lot of pew pew pew and so the rest was basically meh. THUS; UGH NO STOP+Meh=Not my thing.

Grand Theft Auto 5
Grand Theft Auto
— I had actually played Grand Theft Auto as a teenager. I generally don’t like violence as a whole. So, uh. Yeah. There were plenty of things that made me sad, “Awwh man….he just totally killed that guy with that random object. Poor person.” I also would feel a bit bad for the guy/gal whose car was stolen; “Oh, jeez. There I was, just driving to my niece’s 2d birthday party and this doucheface opened my door and threw me out of my car. Now I’m like fifty miles away and I don’t have a phone because I don’t think any pedestrian does in this game. Well. Bollocks.” It’s easier to feel no remorse when you’re playing. I also would be THAT person and would try driving in the game legally. In case you were wondering; yep. The cops still chase you. So, basically. With this game, I’d rather play than watch.

What I was “meh” about watching

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption
— I didn’t pay much attention to this game, to be honest. So I don’t really know what to think about it. I remember it, obviously, taking place in a western/desert setting and that the guy was on a horse and the conflict was basically a typical western conflict. It wasn’t really anything crazy but I remember there may have been some interesting aspects. But ultimately not interesting enough for me to remember, so. I don’t know.

Minecraft; aka life sucker. Tomas spent so so so so many hours during his Minecraft play (which was sparked by his children who are in love with this game). I was REALLY annoyed by the visuals being so pixel-y. It’d make me really mad. I don’t know why. But it was kind of fun watching him build stuff. I’d also look away and do my thang and I’d look back up and he’d have some intricate building or business or farm (with animals). Although, the farm kind of made me sad because one time the pigs randomly found a way out (sly pigs) and Tomas had to kill them all. Since it’s so pixelated I, at first, didn’t know what was happening. So I asked, “what are you doing to those pigs?!” To which he responded, “I’m killing them.” To which I responded, “NOOOOOOOOO. POOR PIGS :'(.”

Life Is Strange
Life Is Strange
Tomas seems to like this game okay, but I’m not really sold on it, I hate teenagers. Kids; yes. They’re hilarious and full of interesting theories and thoughts. Teenagers; UGH. STOP. “O Em Gee I really like this guy and she liked this guy and then he like did this. I’m totally into photography and I have this ultra hipster camera and my teacher is totally like, ‘dude. You are way awesome. You’re a teenager and you’re amazing and like you should enter this thing because you’re so amazing.’ Then the girl is all, ‘oh em gee I’m like so good but like what is going on? Oh man there’s this rebellious person. Let’s befriend them and I’ll be a typical rebellious teenager.” This part made me die.

BUT. There was a butterfly effect kind of thing (which also made me annoyed in the beginning because I’ve seen this before; I was just waiting for her nose to bleed and Ashton Kutcher to come out) that became interesting. She discovered this ability (annoyingly) and she began using it at particular times and noticing how it alters given situations. But she could go back and make things better, or she’d just make it worse. It just depended on the choices. Which, the interactive choices are always cool. So. That’s kind of how I feel about that. Interactive choices are cool. Teenagers are annoying to me. Thee end.

What I enjoyed watching

Fallout New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout was very interesting, visually. Again, I was half-watching this (especially at that point in time). I recall that there were interesting aspects of this game such as the visuals and the action that took place. It always seemed very unique to me. Upon reading up on a mini-summary I remembered a few aspects (like when the main character would take drugs or something and the various weapons as well as the casino and other locations). Basically, there was a whole lot going on that piqued my interest. Tomas has expressed that he is more interested in the soon to come Fallout 4 than almost anything, even saying that he plans to reserve some of his PTO just to play it on release day.

Rockband 3
Rock Band
 — I LOVED Rock band. I don’t know if that even counts, but since it’s literally categorized as a video game I’m counting it. This is a game that I loved watching and even playing with friends (we even got a keytar, which was my go-to). It actually introduced me to a few songs that I now know insanely well that I may have heard before but grew to almost love (most specifically; Octopus’ Garden by the Beatles). Yeah. Too much fun.

Portal 2
Portal 2
— A few of my favorite parts of this game: “Are you still there?” (which I would say along with the robot lady joyfully), companion cubes, the sound of the portals being made, and watching Tomas solve the puzzles and go through the portals. I especially liked when he messed around and would just go infinitely through multiple portals in the same place and it’d just look funny. I liked the colors of the portals and the random colors in the game. I enjoyed every audio aspect (hence the “are you still there?”) and yeah. It was just cute and I was a fan. It also would make you think and would even get me to try to solve some of the given challenges (to which I would say, “Tomas; what if you tried this?” To which he would often respond, “Lindsey. You can’t make a portal on that, ya dummy”).

telltale walking dead
The Walking Dead
— Yes. Yes. All sorts of yes. Remember that whole movie conversation? This was great. It was essentially like watching the TV show or a movie. There was action that I totally didn’t expect at random points, character development, there were consequences for every decision made, and ultimately. Yes. Just yes. So much fun to watch. I don’t know what else to say.

the wolf among us
The Wolf Among Us
— Again; yes. yes. All sorts of yes. Fantasy galore and twists on the most famous fantasy characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Beast, and more. The initial conflict arose and it was absolutely entrancing. I couldn’t NOT watch his play for this game because it was very apparent stuff was going on with the clanging of things and yelling and random stuff. Yeah. Then I totally got sucked into the plot as it developed and it essentially became a total mystery that Tomas was solving, it was just awesome. All sorts of awesome. I just really liked it.

batman arkham city
Batman: Arkham City
— I won’t lie. I was tempted to “meh” this one. But overall there were interesting moments of action. I think most of my “meh” is when Tomas’ 4 or 5 year old (at that time I don’t remember what age he was) was playing it with me as I helplessly managed to fall into a hole and we would try to get up this building thing at the beginning to no avail. It was sad. It was difficult. I gave up. But watching TOMAS play this was fun as he swung from building to building and was essentially getting stuff done (if you can’t tell I can’t really remember the plot. But I’m positive at one point he found the bad guy [Joker?] so I mean yeah).

shadow of the colossus
Shadow of the Colossus
— This was one of my favorite games to watch. Visually, it interested the hell out of me and I can’t quite say why exactly. I remembered specifically when he was trying to take down this big thing and he kept stabbing it in the foot and stuff. The blood spray was way funny and I thought it was fun? But as he was trying to take down this thing I was essentially yelling, “OH MAH GAHHHHD YOU WERE SO CLOSE AGHHHHHH. NOOOOOO. AGHHHHH.” He loved it. But yeah, lots of fun to watch and stuff.

welcome to silent hill
Silent Hill
— I really enjoyed the movie Silent Hill so watching the game was a fun twist. I would be THAT person and would basically yelp when a random person came around the foggy corner as he was making his way to where he was supposed to go. There was a lot of mystery in the game (which I apparently enjoy) and I recall him finding numerous items and going through items and stuff. I also remember it looking like the movie. I also think maybe Pyramid Head was there. If Pyramid Head was there I rate this as I enjoyed it. If not it’s probably meh/enjoy.

bioshock infinite columbia
Bioshock: Infinite
— WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I loved this. REMEMBER THAT BARBERSHOP QUARTET THING? I SURE DO. THEY MELTED MY HEART AND I MADE TOMAS GO BACK TO THAT SPOT AT LEAST 3 TIMES BEFORE CONTINUING ON HIS WAY. But aside from that, I loved so much of it. The visual aspect of it was interesting to me and it was impressive (which, I don’t know if I’m a good judge of impressive or not impressive. Who knows). I remember the story that developed entirely entranced me and I’m actually kind of combining my prior knowledge with my gameplay (which was very different from Tomas’, as I recall making a mistake in one of my choices and getting way overwhelmed and I died a few times because of it and I was all, “OH MY GOD TOMAS NO FIX IT FIX IT. OH MY GOD CAN I GO BACK? NOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NO.” But yeah. It was great.

the last of us
The Last of Us
— I had at least 5 heart attacks (non literal ones, of course. Otherwise that’d just be entirely insane of me to continue after at LEAST the 2nd heart attack). The fungus guys who had clicky heads scared the poo out of me. I don’t entirely remember this game but I remember it was all really interesting and it was ultimately a story of survival. It all moved very quickly and thus, the characters had to move quickly. Or you become all fungal. Or eaten by the fungal gentlemen and women. Yeah. It was scary. So it was interesting for sure.

telltale game of thrones
Game of Thrones
— Duh. Of course I like Game of Thrones. I have kept up with the show Game of Thrones (sorry, never read the books. They looked too intimidatingly long and I didn’t have enough free time to merit this. Even though I probably could have. But anyway). I have loved it (aside from the crappy episodes, waiting for the following episode, and when my favorite characters die) and I am ultimately a fan. The game was really interesting to me because it dealt with characters that were briefly discussed about in the shows and there would also be characters FROM the show with the same voice actors. I also played this later and found that this game can vary quite a bit based on the decisions to make (which means, yeah. This was another, “OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD TOMAS PLEASE FIX THIS I RUINED EVERYTHING AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”). The story developed quickly and was certainly never dull. There was plenty of violence to make me cringe (much like the show), and I also would have made the same decisions as Tomas at points so I’d be in the background (in my head) like, “Yeah yeah yeah this is totally great. This is definitely what’s going to be the best. I am totally on your same page.”

There you have it! That is just a small bit of the games that I have watched. SO. HOPEFULLY YOU DON’T RESENT ME NOW AND IF YOU DO I’M SORRRYYYYYYY. This also is NOT all of the games Tomas has played, but just a few memorable ones I could think of off the top of my head. As you may notice, I generally enjoyed watching most games. I generally hated most of the games that had rigorous activities that Tomas would have to routinely do.

So basically yeah. That’s how I roll in terms of games to watch.

I told you I developed some opinions (even if they were based on random things)!! So yeah. Feel free to let me know your personal opinions on stuff you’ve WATCHED (NOT played; it makes a difference, I swear) in comments because hey, it’s fun.

Again, try not to hate me. Although I guess if you do, you may as well stop reading now because I’ll delve further into games that I’ve played and my reasoning may just be more silly at times. Or just really awesome and totally spot on and I bet all the hardcore gamers would be like, “F- yeah. I love the “are you still there.” I also totally got really stuck on Portal 2 on the first attempt and just quit for the sake of not frying my brain.

My main point is this: take some time to see what your partner is into. If you try to understand (not saying I’m an expert) the games they play and what they’re interested, they will appreciate it. They also will be excited you’re remotely paying attention. If you feel like you hate video game, try and get over it a little bit. There are plenty of games out there that are just as entertaining to watch than some TV shows and movies. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

In my next post, I’ll discuss stuff that you can play to get your feet wet in the vast world of video games. My fiancé has said “there’s literally a game for everybody.” I’ve found that to be mostly true, but there are definitely some more approachable than others. I’ve got my personal favorites to play, and trying them out may help you warm up to games just a little bit. Thanks for reading!

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