suicide squad trailer analysis

Suicide Squad: Trailer Analysis

“I’m not going to kill you…I’m just going to hurt you…Really…Really…BAD.”

At San Diego Comic Con this week, Warner Bros. not only released the trailer for Batman V Superman, but they also revealed this little gem. While I’m still more excited for Dawn of Justice, I still couldn’t help but get a little excited for this as well. Check out the official trailer in HD below:

I took a small amount of time to check out the comments section of the video. It seems as of right now, people are receiving Leto’s Joker portrayal quite well. I’m not going to really side one way or another, as he is only in about ten seconds of the trailer. I will say, that I don’t think he’s going to be terrible. We all just have to accept that Heath Ledger’s Joker isn’t coming back, and they are taking the character in a new direction — and that’s a little exciting.

What a weird time for movies, huh? Not even five years ago, would I have imagined a movie like this would actually ever be made. In the advent of superhero movie dominance in Hollywood, it seems as though anything is possible.

I never really knew much about the Suicide Squad until doing research recently. I never really much cared. Aside from Batman, the DC universe never really interested me. I’ve always been a fan of Batman villains, though, and the premise of the story sounds super interesting.

We all know the impact The Dark Knight Trilogy has had on DC movies, and the superhero genre (if you can call it that) in general. Heath Ledger posthumously won an oscar for his portrayal of Joker! That’s pretty nuts. They haven’t really managed to capture that magic since. The Dark Knight Rises was good, sure — but it also suffered due to trying to over-explain its plot. Man of Steel was only okay, though it is really hard to make a Superman movie that I’m going to care about at all.

So DC still has some big shoes to fill. A lot to live up to with its predecessors and what not. Do I think that Suicide Squad is going to live up to this task? Probably not. It looks fun as hell, though — and an interesting take on the team-based hero formula. What’s interesting about the Suicide Squad is that these aren’t heroes. Each and every one of these team members are unsavory individuals. A lot of them are bat-shit crazy. It will be interesting to see if they can manage to cohesively work together as a team to resolve the threat they’re facing.

I also want to see what this threat actually is, and where the actual superheroes are that they can’t defend against it. Obviously, Amanda Waller and company are in dire straits to rely on Gotham’s worst rabble-rousers. They risk a great deal by putting these wackos back on the street. There’s no telling what antics we have in store for us.

I’m interested to see Harley Quinn and Joker’s backstory together. I’ve never been a huge Harley fan, as she’s most often portrayed as a nuisance. I’m hoping that the movie will provide us with a little bit of context for their relationship, and show how Harleen Quinzel (the worst real name for a character of all time) fell bananas for the clown prince of madness.

It’s cool that we get to see a little bit of Ben Affleck’s Batman in the trailer as well. I would love it if we get to see a hilarious montage in the film that shows how Batman brought down each of these villains. That would be hilarious. I’m assuming that Affleck’s part in this movie won’t be too substantial, but who can say? Maybe the Suicide Squad loses control of itself, and the Caped Crusader has to swing in and save the day. I doubt it, but it could happen.

It’s hard to tell who exactly is going to be the main protagonist of this movie. When dealing with so many characters at once (many of whom the audience may have never heard of), it can be difficult to balance who should be deserving of the most screen time. My hope is that Joker’s role in the movie is downplayed, and that it mostly focuses on the other members of the rogues gallery. This would probably be the smart move, as it would limit the risk of a huge fanboy outcry. It would also give more chance to develop the characters that everyone hasn’t already seen before.

As far as Joker’s appearance goes? I wasn’t into it at first. I’m still not a fan of the tattoos, especially the face ones. A lot of people are complaining about his “grill,” but I don’t think they understand that these look like crowns and replacement teeth. More likely than not, Batman beat Joker’s face in, and he needed to get mouth work done to repair the damage. Batman may be opposed to killing, but he damn sure isn’t afraid to beat your face in. His appearance doesn’t really matter, though. Does he sound a little like Ledger’s Joker? Sure, I suppose. He doesn’t feel similar, though. This take seems much more maniacal and sadistic. I think people just need to chill and not knock things so harshly before giving them a chance. I’m still willing to see the movie, regardless of my reservations.

Suicide Squad just looks like fun. I don’t have very hopes that it is going to mind-blowing or anything, but I respect the ballsy play that the WB is taking in making this movie. Something like this you would think to be pretty risky, but no matter how you feel, Suicide Squad releases in theaters August, 2016 whether you like it or not. Personally, I can’t wait to see if they pull it off.

Are you excited to see Suicide Squad? Or are you put off by Leto’s Joker? Let us know in the comments below!

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