batman v superman trailer analysis

Batman V Superman: Trailer Analysis

A new trailer is here! This week at Comic Con, Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled the latest trailer promoting the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m not afraid to admit that up until this point, I had very little interest in this movie. Batman has been done so many times, and the prospect of Ben Affleck donning the cowl — when we’ve had plenty of other potentially better actors portraying the character — made me wary to say the least. If you haven’t seen the recently released trailer, check it out below:

I don’t know about you, but I think this movie looks AWESOME. Where I once was skeptical of Ben Affleck’s acting chops when it comes to superhero movies (Daredevil, anyone?), I now have a renewed sense of hope that this take on The Dark Knight Returns will be worth our time.

The trailer opens up with Holly Hunter talking about the looming threat of this otherworldly entity known as Superman, while showing the previous destruction caused in the wake of the events of Man of Steel. They actually display that in a clever way, bringing in Bruce Wayne’s perspective of the collateral damage Superman is capable of, while simultaneously linking itself to the previous movie. I liked that a lot.

The theme of the movie is gloomy in tone, as Superman is forced to deal with the dilemma of being a hero for a planet that doesn’t necessarily want his help. Martha Kent mentions to Clark that he doesn’t owe Earth everything, and that he essentially has to choose what he wants out of his existence. Batman on the other hand, has seen what Superman is capable of firsthand, and comes to the conclusion that he’s just too dangerous to be allowed to roam freely on Earth. After years of being in retirement, Batman resolves to once again gear up to bring the man of steel down.

I actually got chills when you hear Bruce Wayne, a man who has strict morals in regards to capital punishment, utter the words “…and we have to destroy him.” Can you imagine how big of a threat you’d have to be for even Batman to want you dead? I like this rationale Zack Snyder and team have used to make up for the backstory they’re obviously missing out on from the comics, while justifying all of the seemingly mindless violence and destruction that was prevalent in the previous movie. Batman feels like the ends justify the means, and that the only way to ensure humanity’s safety is by taking the guy out of the equation.

It’s this one thought that sets Batman down a dark and dangerous path. You can even see Alfred warning Bruce about the risk of losing himself in his pursuit of Superman. The trailer shows Bruce resorting to unusual punishment to find out more info about the mysterious alien from Krypton.

We also see Lex Luthor, as portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg. This was the least impressive aspect of the trailer, in my opinion. Jesse Eisenberg is a decent enough actor, gaining popularity and acclaim for his roles in Zombieland and The Social Network. I just don’t think he is right for Lex Luthor. Granted, he does seem more likened to a modern business mogul, who are more often decreasing in age. He just doesn’t come off as remotely imposing. I know that the most dangerous aspect of Luthor as a villain was obviously is genius intellect, but I’m not buying Eisenberg as a villain. I’m assuming he is the one that provides Batman with his kryptonite bat armor, only further cementing just how low Batman is willing to sink.

Gal Gadot looks fantastic as Wonder Woman, though. She got her big on-screen action debut in this trailer, and she definitely looks like she’s going to be whooping some major ass. I will say that I don’t envy the makers of these DC movies that are ahead of us, as they tend to try and make them more grounded in reality. The problem is that a lot of these characters have super out there origins and immense power. It’s hard to do justice (get it?) to a DC comics character and manage to keep them grounded in believable reality simultaneously. Once they introduce the likes of Aquaman, or Green Lantern, the universe is only going to get that much more out there. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief, though. Wonder Woman just looks like a total badass, and this trailer actually made me remotely interested in her existence for the first time.

I’m not going to expect this movie to win any awards or anything, but I’m definitely now excited to see it. The action looks great, and I’m happy to say that I can’t wait to see these guys kick the shit out of each other. Time will tell whether or not this movie’s actually going to be good, but it is almost certainly guaranteed box office success — if only because everyone is so damn curious about it.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25th. Expect a full review of the movie very soon after that.

Does this trailer have you guys pumped? Or are you fatigued by the influx of comic book movies gracing the silver screen? Let us know in the comments below!

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