apollo creed bratton

Creed: Trailer Analysis

No, this isn’t a movie about Creed Bratton. I know my expertly-crafted photoshop image may have fooled you, but this film is actually about a descendent of Apollo Creed from the Rocky franchise.

You can view the trailer here.

I honestly didn’t know this movie was a thing until the other day, when the trailer was released. I feel bad for the band Creed (sorta), because they’ll never get to make a self-titled biopic about their sweeping career.

As I was watching it, I couldn’t help but wonder if we really need a new film set in the Rocky universe. Don’t get me wrong — the original movies, up through Rocky IV, were super exciting films. Rocky V was when the series started to fizzle out, and Rocky Balboa was decently received, but I had never seen it.

Luckily though, this new movie doesn’t focus as much on the Italian Stallion, but rather on Apollo’s son. For some reason, he has elected to follow in his father’s footsteps and be the next great boxer. He claims to not remember his father and is unaffected by the warnings about potentially dying in the ring. 

Personally, I feel like the young Creed does remember his father’s glory and premature passing. It seems to convenient for him to take up the gloves himself and seek out Balboa to train him. 

One part of the trailer I found kind of strange is that Rocky had no idea who this kid was. He seemed close enough with Apollo Creed to at least keep in touch with his family after he died. It makes Rocky seem kind of like a douche for not even keeping in contact with the Creeds when he seemed so close to his old friend and partner. 

From the looks of things, Rocky will take the new Creed under his wing to train him to fight like one of the greats. Rocky is stepping back this time around and is channeling his inner Mickey. From the looks of things, he will have his hands full. Adonis seems into sketchy stuff, as he’s seen courting women in nightclubs and taking trips to the local jail. He will need a push to get him training properly. 

It looks like a decent movie. I’m not totally sold on it just yet, but I think the nods to the original were fun, and it certainly has potential. I liked at ten end, Adonis was sporting similar patriotic shorts that Apollo was known to wear. My curiosity was definitely peaked. 

No word yet if Carl Weathers will make a cameo appearance as Adonis’ ghost dad. Only time will tell.

Are you interested in seeing Creed? Do you think it’s time for Rocky Balboa to throw in the towel? Sound off in the comments below!

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