Spider-Man Revealed: Weighing in on Sony/Marvel’s casting choice

Well…ladies and gentlemen, we have our new Spider-Man. On Tuesday, after weeks and weeks of speculation and rumors, Sony and Marvel have finally shown us who will inherit the webslingers in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

And it’s THIS GUY…

Tom Holland
Jesse Einberg + Josh Hutcherson = Tom Holland…?

If you have no idea who this guys is, I don’t blame you. This nineteen-year-old has only been in show-business for five years, according to his IMDB page. I myself had no idea that this kid existed, and when it was announced he was taking the part I was kind of surprised.

A lot of people are mad about this — REALLY mad. It seems that a lot of fans have been pushing a long time for Marvel Comics’ Miles Morales, a half-Latino, half African-American, to take up the mantle of the legendary superhero. There have even been countless rumors of Donald Glover — best known as Troy Barnes on Community and former writer for 30 Rock — being pursued for the role. These rumors carried even more weight once it was announced that Morales will now be the NEW Spider-Man in Marvel’s upcoming series, effectively replacing Peter Parker. It seems that Sony/Marvel are going a more traditional route, however.

I have mixed feelings about this. None of them are overwhelmingly negative, suffice to say that I don’t really have much interest in a re-telling of the Spider-Man origin story anymore. At this point EVERYONE knows how Peter Parker became a superhero. A young and intelligent, yet socially awkward aspiring photojournalist gets bitten by a a radioactive spider, gains superhuman abilities, is lectured on responsibility by his uncle, his uncle subsequently dies, Spider-Man is born and resolves to protect the innocent civilians of New York. We already know the formula and have accepted it twice on-screen now. We don’t need to see it again.

What’s more troubling is that Spider-Man has been confirmed to appear in Captain America: Civil War in 2016 by Kevin Feige, but won’t get his own standalone movie until the following year. Does this mean that Spider-Man’s introduction/origin will take up a sizable portion of a movie already saturated with other heroes, or will he seemingly show up out of the blue in full garb ready to whoop some ass? I’m hoping it’s neither, and Peter Parker’s part in Civil War will be relegated to a small cameo (maybe as a freelance reporter for the Daily Bugle), and Marvel will overlook the character’s importance in the storyline for which the movie is based. I’m very skeptical that Civil War will be an effective movie at this point, as most of the characters that were important to the conflict are not even capable of being in the movie. It’s clear that they will have to go a radically different route for the Hollywood take, which I suppose worked out okay for Age of Ultron…I don’t know. We’ll have to see.

As far as him not being the multi-racial Miles Morales, I could really care less. We do have some minority heroes already with War Machine and Falcon, and they are giving us Black Panther AND Luke Cage in the coming years. While there could be more representation for Latino superheroes, I’m sure that could come in time. It’s not MANDATORY or anything — and that is coming from somebody who IS half-Latino. I’m more irritated by the potential origin reboot than anything.

Who cares if he is a fairly unknown actor, though? They’re taking a chance on new talent, and are likely saving a lot of money in the process. Good on them. It worked out pretty well for Chris Hemsworth, who only a few people recognized before his appearance in Thor. Now he’s a household name. The same can happen for Tom Holland. Of most of the rumored cast, Holland actually LOOKS like Peter Parker. He doesn’t look like a hipster nerd with perfectly messy hair, so that’s a positive. He looks like he should be able to pull off an awkward teen turned badass pretty well. I’m willing to give him a chance.

All in all, it’s interesting news, and I’m still excited that we get to see Spider-Man finally enter the MCU. Hopefully with Marvel Studios’ involvement, we’ll get to see a worthwhile representation that does justice to the character that fans have loved for years. I’m personally interested to see what 2017 will bring us.

How about you? Are you incensed at this casting announcement, or are you willing to give Holland a chance? Let us know in the comments!

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