So you’re dating a gamer (Part 1)

Well, it happened. The girl who used to loathe video games after numerous occurrences of people being absolute jerks to me/anyone present while playing Halo in high school has ended up dating a gamer who just so happens to have created Couch Potato Bros. Even more; I’m about to marry him. Yep. Weird, I know.

So, to those of you wondering; I’m Lindsey, I’ll be manning this series of blogs!

At first it took some adjusting; video games had a really bad rep with me based off of my aforementioned experiences. Because of this when my fella got over the whole honeymoon phase (you know, when he would wait to play video games when I wasn’t around;]) I became immediately and, albeit, irrationally irritated.

Here is the point where many people (not intentionally per se’) would try to guilt the other person into not playing them anymore or to get extremely angry every time. Not to say that I didn’t get angry when I wanted to talk and Skyrim just came out (a.k.a. NOPE). But it became very obvious that Tomas was extremely passionate about video games and it was his way of winding down. It’d be cruel to smother that passion or to turn him into a different person.

Did it take some time and give and take from both of us? Probably. But we have developed a pretty harmonious relationship of gamer/basically non-gamer.

Which leads me to the beginning of this series: So you’re dating a gamer

I want to help alleviate all of the biases that non-gamers develop about games/gamer significant others and to talk about difficulties, what has worked, and games that I’ve actually come to enjoy either watching or playing.

This will also probably be pretty hilarious for those die-hard video gamers out there, as I am by NO means a gamer, so my reasoning in why I may like or dislike a game could be super oversimplified.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy what I blog! Thanks for reading!

(UPDATE) Check out Part 2, which is live now!

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