10 things that could help make Fallout 4 amazing

Okay, so the internet is having a field day with Bethesda’s latest tease that finally confirmed Fallout 4’s long-rumored existence. Bethesda has been keeping any information about their latest self-published game close to the chest for years now. Personally, I think this is the best way to market video games. Developers have a penchant for jumping the gun and announcing a game way before it is anywhere near close to completion. This causes the hype to die out over time. If Bethesda actually releases Fallout 4 this year, they are bound to sell millions of copies — largely because this teaser will still be burrowed in our minds.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out right here.

Obviously, this makes the anticipation for this year’s E3 even more intense. A lot of people were griping about the graphics, but I think it looks perfect. It looks like Fallout, which is exactly what I wanted. Judging from the trailer, it looks like the game does take place in Boston, which confirms some previous rumors.

What I found most interesting were all of the pre-war flashbacks. What do they mean? Are we going to play as someone from before the war? Are we maybe going back in time to prevent the war? So many interesting possibilities. In reality though, it could just as likely be a stylistic choice for the trailer.

My giddiness for this game has reached gargantuan proportions. I’m gargantuanly giddy, if that makes sense. So, let’s suppose that Fallout 4 indeed releases in 2015. What would you like to see in this new installment? I’ve put together a list of things that I would personally like to see below. If you have any to share, sound off in the comments! I’m interested to hear your perspective as well.

(1) The Institute (Androids, baby!)
Okay, since the game takes place in Boston, it’s safe to assume that The Institute will make it’s first on-screen appearance. In Fallout 3, one of the more interesting side quests is The Replicated Man, which follows the story of a renegade android that escaped the insidious Institute located in the Commonwealth. In this quest, you discover that Rivet City’s chief security guard (Harkness) is actually an android on the lamb who wiped away his memories so he could live a new life in blissful ignorance.

This made me want to learn more about what goes on in the Commonwealth. What technology lies within the walls of this Institute? Will we see more androids? Will we get to choose to ally with the Institute, or the people from the Railroad that oppose them? Is Madison Li going to be there? Last we heard, that was where she was headed at the end of Broken Steel.

(2) Playable Races
One thing that Bethesda is known for is making games that offer tons in the area of customization. While Fallout has been a little more limited, Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series boasts 10 playable character races to choose from. This new Fallout game can certainly add some as well.

You could play as a Ghoul or a Super Mutant, offering bonuses to Rad Resistance or Strength, respectively, while taking significant negatives to their Charisma attributes. Most humans hate Ghouls and Super Mutants, so it would be interesting to see how dialog could change depending on who you choose as a character.

Since it takes place in the Commonwealth, you could even potentially play as an android, gaining bonuses to a lot of Intelligence-based skills, or even gaining more skill points per level than the other races.

(3) A Fully-Voiced Player Character
This is one of those overly wish-y kind of things. While other games have gone the route of giving a voice to their lead protagonists, Bethesda has always shied away from it. I understand why, don’t get me wrong. They want you to feel immersed in the character you made, and giving them a specific voice actor could ruin what you had in mind for your character.

Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition offered us somewhat of a solution to this by adding multiple voices to choose from for each gender. This could probably get a little expensive, though. It’s definitely not necessary, but when I heard the vault dweller in the trailer talk to his canine companion, I couldn’t help but get a little excited.

(4) More FPS-centric control scheme
For all intents and purposes, a huge part of Bethesda’s take on the Fallout franchise relies on shooting in first-person. A lot of time you spend in combat has you aiming a gun at another guy with a gun and trying to dismember him with laser beams.

A pretty big issue with Fallout 3 and Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas revolved around the clunky controls. Shooting guns in these games is just plain unintuitive at best, and downright difficult at worst.

By all means, keep all of the RPG elements that make these games great, but for the love of all that is holy, update the shooting mechanics. We don’t necessarily want to have to rely on V.A.T.S. mode to land a clean headshot.

(5) New, and better companions
Fallout: New Vegas did something much better than it’s higher-budgeted counterpart back in 2010. They added a plethora of companion characters who could accompany you on your journeys into the wasteland. Each character specialized in a different form of combat, and could carry excess gear for you as well. Even better, each character was unique and interesting, and added a considerable level of depth to the game.

I think they recognized this when they were making Skyrim, and gave you some lackluster potential companions in that game. Skyrim’s companions were essentially dead on the surface, while New Vegas offered some pretty great depth of character, each of whom had different ideals and dispositions. For example, there was Boone, a former sharpshooter for the New California Republic. Boone hated Caesar’s Legion so much, that he would shoot the Legion NPC’s on sight, often putting you in a firefight you weren’t necessarily asking for.

By all means, Bethesda…bring this back for 4. Even if it’s something as rudimentary as a pack Brahmin, we will appreciate the extra space to place our gear.

(6) Better NPC voice actors, and lots of them
Some of Fallout’s NPC characters have some unique voices, while come sound downright goofy. I don’t know if it was just me, but sometimes it just took me out of the experience. Literally every old man had the same old-timey prospector voice. If you want to immerse people into your world, you better believe that the beauty lies within the details.

The more voice actors Bethesda can land for this project, the better. Things like graphics will be much less impressive than a fully fleshed out world with seemingly real characters. Hearing the same recycled VO over and over prevents us from suspending our disbelief.

And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…No Matthew Perry, please…baby?

(7) Vehicles (Mounts)?
This is kind of a coin toss for me, because it isn’t particularly a necessary component. It’s just that virtually every other open-world franchise provides you with an outlet for getting around said worlds. Yes, you can always fast travel, but sometimes you just want to experience the universe that the developers painstakingly created just for us.

It may be too similar to other post-apocalyptic fare, especially with Mad Max due out in September. It could also be especially awesome. Just look at all of that Pre-war technology scattered around all over the place. You’re telling me nobody ever fashioned together a vehicle out of those parts? We’ve seen the Enclave’s warships, can we get something similar that we can actually customize as our own? That would be amazing.

(8) More salvaging and crafting
A huge draw to the previous Fallout games was venturing into the unknown ruins of an old decrepit building in the hopes that you will find interesting supplies to salvage. That is actually 90% of what I did when playing Fallout.

This needs to come back in full force. Instead of just being able to craft boutique weapons like the Deathclaw Hand, or the Shishkebab, let us craft even more things like conventional weapons and armor, or vehicles and traps. Maybe let us harvest the leather from mutated animals and make armor out of that. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be pretty dope to have my very own Yao Guai helmet to wear into battle. The higher your science and repair skills, the more complex and interesting stuff you can make. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

(9) Hardcore Mode
Fallout: New Vegas also had Hardcore Mode, which offered a more realistic survival experience that focused on you finding food to prevent starvation, and getting adequate sleep so you weren’t to weak the following day. Everything, including ammo had weight to it, which made it more difficult to choose what exactly to pick up and when.

Hardcore gamers would love for something like this to be included in Fallout 4. It just further adds to the immersion in the game, and adds a sense of pride when you complete a full hardcore playthrough.

(10) The Wasteland Survival Guide
One of the first denizens of the Wasteland you discover in Fallout 3 is Moira Brown, owner and proprietor of Craterside Supply in Megaton. She is an eccentric character who enlists the help of the vault dweller in writing her new book, The Wasteland Survival Guide. She sends you on several arduous quests where you traverse minefields, run from Mirelurks, and even going to a library (as horrible as that sounds.)

It would be interesting to see this book make another appearance, in a greater capacity. Maybe even bring back Moira in general. Maybe The Wasteland Survival Guide was a huge success, and she asks for the new player character to help her write a second version.

Well, there you have it, chillllldren! Thanks for tuning in and fighting the good fight! What would you like to see in the upcoming Fallout 4? I’m always interested in your thoughts as well as my own. Like and share with your friends if you like the sound of any these ideas. Let’s keep this conversation going!

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