Welcome to Couch Potato Bros! We are a group of like-minded individuals who are avid consumers and fans of pop culture/entertainment! I’m excited for you to accompany us on the beginning of this journey, and watch in horror and awe as our path begins to form chaotically before us.

We aren’t the ambitious type, and we have simple dreams. We, like many Americans, take our liberty and freedom for granted to bitch about entertainment; like who’s going to portray the latest Spider-Man (Asa Butterfield is NOT Peter Parker,) or if Max Von Sydow is going to portray a much older Boba Fett with a startlingly different ethnicity. We are fans who go for hours straight binge-watching the latest Netflix series, or leveling a rogue on Nightmare mode in Dragon Age.

We’re not typically what you would call outdoorsy, preferring a humble existence of degrading eyesight due to computer vision syndrome (trust — the struggle is real) and enjoying the world of fiction. Call it fantasy, or escapism, or nerdism, or WHAT-HAVE-YOU…Our great outdoors is going on inside our heads.

So sit back, put on your roomiest of sweatpants, and prepare yourselves. The Couch Potato Bros. are sluggishly invading the internet. Thanks for reading!

-Tomas Yanes

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